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Rolltec® is the leading Canadian manufacturer of upscale retractable awnings. Since their startup in 1984, Toronto based Rolltec® has proven to be an industry leader in motorized canvas awnings by providing the highest caliber in both quality of products and customer service. Their superior work was recognized by numerous Awards of Excellence, Outstanding Achievement Awards, and “Best Of HomeStars” award winners.

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    Roller shutters are the ultimate security solution when you need to protect what is behind your windows. Strong, durable, and secure, our rollshutters create a solid barrier to prevent break-ins, vandalism, and crimes of opportunity.

    Storm Protection

    Talius roll shutters are ideal for storm protection from Mother Nature’s harshest elements. Designed to be strong, durable, and provide peace of mind, our roll shutters are the perfect solution for storm damage.

    Energy Efficiency

    Installed on the outside of windows, Talius roll shutters and Habitat Screens™ will improve your energy efficiency. They are innovative, energy efficient products proven to enhance the quality of your indoor environment.


    Based on many testimonials received from our clients, rest assured that your needs will be well looked after and you will be extremely pleased with your awnings as wee as the level of service provided to you by Rolltec®’s team of experts. Our commitment to customer satisfaction allows clients to focus solely on enjoying their time outdoors worry-free.